Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Random Information About the Mormon Church

The following links are to articles which add proof to the fact that the LDS is a false belief system, and it is also information that probably 90% of Mormons don’t know about. 

How do Mormons explain their changes to temple garments over the decades? Didn’t their design, etc, come from God?

Mormons really, really hate truth claims by real Christians, truth claims which say Mormons are not Christian, but they conveniently forget all the truth claims of their own which denigrate real Christians!

A new one on me — the Holy Ghost is waiting for a body to inhabit!  Oh wait, he’s really a man already!

The LDS racism was established by God, according Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, who were prophets of God.  For the LDS to LIE now to say it was just part of the times is to say that their prophets weren’t really prophets after all, and that their whole religion is a falling house of cards.  After all, how can the LDS apologize for what God commanded?

Where does history show that the true Christian faith disappeared and needed to be restored? The LDS has to deceive people to get them to believe this lie.

Just when you think the LDS can’t get any worse

How do the Mormons ever trust any of their prophets?!?

Monday, June 18, 2018

Questions For Mormons

I’m always curious if any Mormons are ever looking at this blog; I don’t seem to get many comments on my posts.

Well, here are some great questions for Mormon readers, and I’d really be interested in your responses.  (These questions come from the “Life After Ministry” blog.)

1—Who exactly, mistranslated the Bible?

2—What parts of the Bible are mistranslated?

3 – Are there any historical documents that could shed light on where the trusted translations are located?

4 – Why would Heavenly Father desert His creation and what purpose did that serve us and Him?

5 – Why do millions of people continue to use the Bible if it’s not translated correctly?

6 – Does anyone today speak the same languages the people from biblical days spoke?

7 – When did the Bible become corrupt?

8 – Where did the reputable translations go?

9 – How did everyone go the way of corruption when Jesus promised in the Bible that the gates of hell wouldn’t prevail?

Put your thinking cap on and give me some answers, please!