Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Odds and Ends

I’ve come across some interesting items I decided to share outside of a long post.  These are some things which should provoke thinking among Mormons.

I’ve always been unsure about how the LDS looks at the idea of evolutionism; after all, they think matter has always existed. Someone asked me this week what the LDS viewpoint was, and I came across this article which should answer the question.

Ever wonder why the Mormons seem to be so arrogant? It’s because they are better than you.

Okay, Mormons, just who really was John the Baptist?  Nothing in Scripture even hints at him being any sort of priest, and nowhere does the Bible say anyone has to have some priesthood authority to baptize people. And he was a man and died a man, and did not resurrect as an angel (which is a separate creation type and men do not become one).

For this one I have to ask, “Did They Really Say That?!?”  Whereas the Bible plainly states that Judas hanged himself, Mormon teaching has him being beaten to death by Jesus’ apostles!
Does a real prophet have to lie and attempt to seduce a young woman to commit adultery by claiming that God has directed it? Look at this video and give it some really objective thoughts about what went on and truthfully ask if this is really what a prophet of God would do.

Seriously, does this sound at all Biblical or Christian? Try studying Freemasonry and you will see where Joseph Smith got these oaths. They certainly did NOT come from God, and any objective examination would have to come to that conclusion.

Okay Mormon, is murder a sin God forgives — or is it a sin God doesn’t forgive?  The whole “blood atonement” teaching of Brigham Young even placed a rule to be forgiven of murder, and that was to have your own blood spilled in your execution (which is why Utah had the firing squad as a choice for execution until fairly recently.)

Coincidences in Mormonism.  If you think these are just coincidences, you need to put on your thinking cap and look at these objectively!

And, yes, all but two of these items come from the same source, but the source is 100% accurate in exposing the false teachings of the Mormon church, and I want to help spread their message!