Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Random Things From Mormonism Research Ministry

Mormonism Research ministry is one of the best sites to go to for truthful information about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   I’ve previously linked to many of their articles, but with this post I want to point you to some older articles and some more recent ones, to give you a good taste of what is available on their blog, “Mormon Coffee.”  (Don’t neglect to visit their main site, though, because there you will find some outstanding resources.)

Let’s first look at some older articles.

The Mormons claim that the Septuagint and the Dead Sea Scrolls prove that the Bible we have today is corrupt. This article from February 2010 is an excellent refutation of that claim.

A news report about a man interviewing Mormons about some of their doctrines led to outcry from Mormons about the interview being offensive — that the interviewer was mocking them.  While from what I understand the interviews were not about mocking the Mormons, the Mormon church itself has mocked real Christians since the religion was started by Joseph Smith.  I’d say that Mormons who were offended were nothing less than hypocritical.

A more recent post from 2012 questions whether Mormons can trust the Bible.  The answer, contrary to their claims, is that the Bible we have today is fully trustworthy for accuracy.

From two years ago we have this article about “Changing and Correcting Mormon Scripture”  It’s interesting how the LDS will do their best to cover their tracks.  Truth about their history is something they don’t like to discuss.

What happens when a modern LDS teacher contradicts Brigham Young?  Who are the Mormons supposed to believe?  Technically, I’d say they should go with Young, since he claimed direct revelation from God as a prophet!

The LDS Sunday School course of study this year will be the New Testament.  However, one has to wonder what is the point, since what they believe about the authenticity and accuracy of the Bible leaves a lot to be desired.

As a followup to the previous article, Mormon Coffee demonstrates that the lessons will often use Joseph Smith’s version of the Bible rather than a REAL Bible.  So what they’re learning will still not be orthodox, and will also be quite confusing - as demonstrated in this post.

If anyone ever expects the Mormon Church to apologize for any of their false teachings, for their various violent behaviors (especially during Brigham Young’s reign), insults to the REAL Christian church, or for anything else, they will be severely disappointed.

Historically it was claimed by the Mormons that God commanded the design of their temple garments.  Yet they have been changed over the years to conform more to culture, as if their “god” is not omniscient so as to see what the culture would be.  Or perhaps their god is just fickle and can’t make up his mind?

Most recently, Mormon Coffee has this article about the new essays being done on the official Mormon sites, supposedly to compete with other Internet sources and provide their version of the “truth” of Mormon history, doctrines, etc.  While some of these essays seem to be the Church “coming clean,” I’m sure most will be about revising history.