Saturday, June 27, 2020


I am getting so behind in the topics I want to share on this blog as I pray that readers will see the error of the LDS, that I’m going have another collection of links to articles I think are really important.

If you are a Mormon, please thoughtfully study what you read at the linked articles. If you know a Mormon, please share these articles.  The truth about Mormonism and its false belief system is easily discerned if people are truly seeking the God of the Bible.

I just came across this article from August 2019, but I think it is still worth sharing. I hope more of this type of lawsuit takes place.

If the Mormon prophets are truly prophets of God, why do they need to keep changing things?  (The Book of Mormon itself has 4,000 changes.) Temple clothes are another thing being changed —if they got the design from God via Smith?…

Why do Mormons feel the need to continue attacking Christians, all the while claiming they do not do so?

Why is there so much lying by LDS Church leadership? It happens again and again. In fact, the whole of Joseph Smith’s teachings are proven too many times to be nothing but lies.

And it isn’t just lies, but also plagiarisms! And don’t even get me started on the many, many contradictions in Mormon teachings; you can find a lot of those noted on this blog by selecting the subject “Contradictions.” Here’s another link with LDS contradictions.
Think about it — it the church has so many contradictions in its teachings, how can it be from God?

What happened to Zelph? If the story about him is true, why is he not in the forefront of LDS teachings which supposedly prove Joe Smith was a prophet of God?

Joseph Smith claimed Jesus was a polygamist and that he, Joseph, is a descendant of Jesus and therefore is qualified to hold the “keys of salvation.” This is one of the most blasphemous teachings of the Mormon Church.

Well, I guess that’s enough thought-provoking for now — at least I HOPE it provokes thinking. Mormons are still dead in their sins without a real savior.