Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Some Good Articles at Mormonism Research Ministry

The Mormon belief about where the atonement took place is examined.  The LDS claims the atonement took place in the Garden of Gethsemane, while the Bible says it took place on the Cross.

Ten reasons why Joseph Smith can’t be considered a true prophet of God.  Follow the link at the bottom of the article for ten more reasons.  ALL of these are good reasons which prove Smith was a false prophet.

The misinformation the LDS must tell to keep their “honor.”  If you have to lie about your history, you are proving that you have something to hide.

Should Mormons Follow Their Living Prophets? The LDS answer is “yes” and “no.”  The LDS doctrine is constantly in a state of flux.

What are the Fundamentals of Mormonism?  They are in total contradiction to the fundamentals of real Christianity.  As the article sums up, Any idea that Mormonism and biblical Christianity are fundamentally the same is mistaken. They proclaim different gospels and different gods.

LDS Professor Daniel Peterson’s examination of Thomas Marsh’s accusations against Joseph Smith leads him to dismiss Marsh altogether.  This is necessary in order to defend Smith, but it ignores facts.  Just another example of LDS revising history to cover up the actions of their false prophet.

Speaking of revising history, there are some more recent things that the LDS wish would just go away — such as sexual abuse against American Indian children in the LDS “Indian Student Placement Program.” The LDS, who claim that their president has unique knowledge on ANY subject and yet to get around the lawsuit they suddenly claim the president has no unique knowledge.  So which is it?  Is he or is he not a prophet of God?  (The article has some amusement value when you read Spencer Kimball’s lies that Indians became “whiter” while in the program, reversing the curse of dark skin.)

Finally, we as Christians should challenge Mormons to agree with us and Moroni 8:18:  “God is not a partial God, neither a changeable being; but he is unchangeable from all eternity to all eternity.
If they agree with Moroni, then they have to disagree with Joseph Smith’s teachings that God is created by a previous God and that he continually changed until he became God himself!  Oh, what tangled webs the LDS have woven!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Do Mormons Believe in the Biblical Jesus?

I’ve previously addressed in other articles the issue of who the Mormon Jesus is versus the Jesus of the Bible, and why they are not the same person.  All you have to do is look at the column on the right side of this blog and select the label “Jesus Christ” and you will come to articles which examine the issue.

I’ve come across another article which is another examination of the Mormon claim to worship the same Jesus.   The crux is a closing statement:

There might be some similarities that we have about Jesus' earthly existence, but when it comes to the nature of Christ, who He was, that Father, Son, Holy Spirit together are the one God who have existed eternally as God, that's where we have a clear difference from the Mormon Jesus. The Mormon Jesus is a created being from the Heavenly Father. In fact, the Heavenly Father is also a created being from his Heavenly Father. So, not only do you have a different Jesus, you have a different Heavenly Father and a different Holy Spirit. 

No, Mormons do NOT believe in the Jesus of the Bible.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Mormon Women Fear Eternal Polygamy

From the time Joseph Smith invented polygamy to justify is philandering ways, the Mormons taught polygamy as an eternal doctrine, as published in Doctrine and Covenants 132.  Of course this is in direct contradiction to what God told us in His Word, as I demonstrated in my article, God’s View of Polygamy. (It also contradicts the teachings in their own Book of Mormon: Jacob 1:15; 2:24, 27; 3:5; Ether 10:5).

As polygamy was outlawed it took quite a while for all the leadership to finally end it and denounce it, regardless of what D&C 132 stated.  They then began claiming it is really about celestial marriage and not polygamy here on earth, which, of course, contradicts the plain reading of D&C 132 as well as the teachings of all their former prophet/presidents.

Well it seems the polygamy issue won’t go away.  Research has shown that Mormon women fear the idea of eternal polygamy, sharing their husband with other women.  An article by Jana Riess reviews the book, “The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy,” by Carol Lynn Pearson, a Mormon woman.  Some information gleaned should be upsetting to Mormon hierarchy:

Pearson says, Only about 15% of people said polygamy was just fine, and that they trusted God and it would all be worked out in heaven. The other 85% gave their personal stories of extreme pain and difficulty around those issues. This may be the most egregious “women’s issue” that is still floating out there with no one addressing it. This can’t continue, because it’s just too damaging.

When asked how it was damaging, Pearson states:
Polygamy is still “alive and unwell” in our psyches even if we’re not aware of it. Everyone sort of knows that D&C 132 is still there, and that Emma Smith was told she would be destroyed if she wouldn’t go along with it. But the very specific ways that polygamy damages people in the Mormon community came out in the responses.

For example, the first story I tell in the book is of a woman who becomes a hypochondriac. She’s a young woman, still in her thirties, but she has constant fear that if she dies young then her husband will take another wife. And this will be her lot in eternity, an eternity that she now fears with all her heart.

Especially it’s a terror to sealed widows. A widow who is sealed to her first husband is considered way out of the pool of attractive women for Mormon men to date. One man actually hung up the phone when a woman told him she was a widow. “You’re no good to me” was his reaction, because in the next life he would have to turn her over to her first husband that she was already sealed to. Also, her children from her first marriage and her children with the second husband would all belong to her first husband in the afterlife. I have many stories from people who have written to the General Authorities, begging to be free of this.

This is a horrid ideology!!!  Pearson speaks about those women who hold back “a part of their heart from the husbands because of this fear.”  This certainly is not what God intended for marriage.

Mormons really need to study their history and learn that Joseph Smith was not a prophet of God, rather he was a con artist who was an occultist, was greedy for money, lied about his invention, The Book Of Mormon, and used his power for gratifying his sinful sexual desires while committing serial adultery.  This is some of the “fruit” which proves Smith to have been a false prophet, and the foundation of the false system called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Learn the truth, learn the true Gospel and turn to the true Christ of the Bible or you will die in your sin.