Thursday, July 11, 2019

Lots of Educational Stuff

I am really having difficulty finding time to work on articles for this blog. Many of my days have been taken up with various doctor appointments, band gigs, private gigs, researching aircraft histories, and way too much yard work.  However, I have been collecting links for articles I think provide some good education about the cult of the Mormon Church. Many come from the same site, Life After Ministry, which I highly recommend for leaning about the false teachings of the LDS.

Mormons can never get their teachings right.  They have so many contradictions that they are downright schizophrenic.

If Joseph Smith was right, Jesus lied.

The ever-changing gospel of the LDS proves it is false.

Trouble in Mormondom; Millennials are leaving in large numbers.

This is what Mormon leaders do — the don’t want their members to have doubts, because if they have doubts and start researching they will leave the LDS. That’s what happened with me.

The polygamy conundrum: Was it abominable to God or did He sanction it? This is one of my favorite contradictions in LDS doctrine. Of course the D&C rule came later to justify Smith’s sexual appetite.

Then there is the conundrum of the LDS teaching that Adam didn’t sin in the Garden of Eden, which means mankind isn’t born with a sin nature — so why the need for a savior?

Joseph Smith wasn’t known for his interpretive skills, and this faux pas is a perfect example. Then there is his real goof of having the Apostle John being among the 10 tribes of Israel in 700 B.C.!!!

While this article is about appeals to experience in general, there is an excellent section about Mormon experience trumping common sense. But the LDS specifically teaches that emotions vs facts is the way to learn.

Joseph Smith was murdered, but he wasn’t martyred.

Did you know that the angel that was with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane was Adam? Well it wasn’t, because people don’t become angels! And the whole LDS story about what took place at Gethsemane is about as unbiblical as it gets.

Joseph Smith claimed God called him as a prophet, but Heber Kimball says otherwise.  Which is it, Mormon?

Bruce McConkie’s many lies about Adam.

Top ten books the Mormon Church doesn’t want you to read. I've read several of these.

Top ten facts the Mormon Church doesn’t want its members to know.