Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Random Good Articles About Mormonism

As usual, most of these articles will come from Mormonism Research Ministry.

Mormons claim they don’t worship Joseph Smith, but their hymns prove that is a lie.  Smith is treated as a god.

Which “First Vision” story is correct?  NONE.

Can Mormon families be together forever?

Neither your neighborhood Mormon nor the ones who come to your door are useful for knowing what true LDS teachings are.

Sexual Morality in Old Mormon Nauvoo.  Just a small example of the history of the rampant sexual immorality caused by Joseph Smith’s teaching about polygamy.

How can one really “get past Joseph Smith’s history” when his history proves what a hypocritical false prophet he was?!?!

Salvation by grace?

What about the translating of the Book of Mormon?

Why is the Mormon Church not excommunicating Marriott?  Money, most likely.

When a Mormon tells you about their history and claims the Missourians were to blame for the Mormon war there, tell them the truth about what transpired.

What about the Mormon lie that Constantine decided what books went into the Bible?

Janis Hutchinson has a series on the doctrine of baptism for the dead: