Saturday, March 24, 2018

Odds and Ends

There are a lot of articles I really intend to write, but it seems time has a way of getting away from me.  However, I have come across several articles which I think are important and informative enough to direct my readers to them.  I’m really disappointed, though, that I don’t seem to have any Mormons reading my blog, or, if they are, perhaps they have either been challenged to do their own research to learn the truth about the fraud of Mormonism, or perhaps they have no argument with my articles (snark).

Anyway, here are some articles I’ve read recently:

Firstly, this one gives links to numerous topics which are discussed.  You can read about Mormons in general, their history, their beliefs, the Book of Mormon, other Mormon “Scripture, and a whole lot more just by going to the titled links.

From the same site you have, A Mormon bears witness of Joseph Smith.  A pretty good article showing a short encounter with a Mormon and how the Mormon has no clue about what Scripture actually says. This dialog should give you some ideas.

Who Is the God of Mormonism? It certainly isn’t the God of the Bible.

Mormons find ways to excuse away facts so as to not lose their faith.  It’s called “deception by investment” — they remain deceived by their investment in their religion — to admit they are wrong is something they just cannot do.

The Mormon View of God and Christ.  Very well explained, demonstrating their God and Christ are not those of the Bible, rather they have been made up out of Joseph Smith’s imagination.

The purpose of polygamy is for salvation? In reality the purpose of polygamy to cover up serial adultery.

And of course Adam had to sin to help God accomplish his purposes!  Um, except that is about as unbiblical as it gets!

Technology and Mormon Missionary Work.

Just for some humor, perhaps there should be a Book of Mormon sequel!