Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Mormon Amazon Challenge

Mormon “dirty pool” — the Mormon Church lives by deceit:

The LDS volume of scripture, the Book of Mormon, is available on Amazon.com. As with all things for sale at Amazon, the book is open to reviews. The Book of Mormon had apparently not been faring well enough, receiving too many negative reviews. According to KUTV.com in Salt Lake City, local LDS Church leaders in Provo allegedly “requested all members of the ward publish positive reviews of the book on Amazon.” This “challenge” from the stake presidency and bishopric appeared in a Facebook post on the “Provo YSA 9th Ward (Official)” closed group Facebook page this week (also see the Fox13 report). It said in part,

“The challenge for us is to go to the amazon website and write a positive rating and review for the Book of Mormon. It is a great opportunity to share your testimony to the world and do online missionary work. I personally found that my love and testimony for the Book of Mormon has increased tremendously as I wrote down my testimony as a review, and I know it will be the case for you as well.”

Many are concerned over the unethical nature of a “challenge” by religious leaders instructing their congregants to go and “write a positive rating and review” of the Book of Mormon. The challenge does not take into account whether ward members have actually read the book, nor does it suggest that reviewers should leave honest comments reflecting what they actually think about the book. Rather, they are instructed to leave positive ratings and comments and by doing so, their own love and testimony for the Book of Mormon will increase.

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