Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Random Things About Mormonism

Back in April 2014 I read the book, “An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins,” by Grant H. Palmer.  Palmer is a die-hard Mormon, yet he proved that the Book of Mormon is fraudulent, as well as all the claims behind it.  He proved Joseph Smith was not a prophet, that the BOM witnesses never really saw it, that the first vision never happened, etc.  And yet he always gave these things a pass because of the culture of the time.  The saddest thing — and the perfect example of cult-think — is that it doesn’t matter because Joseph Smith taught that the main focus was Jesus Christ and how we are to follow him.  He ends the book with this: “As Latter-day Saints, our religious faith should be based and evaluated by how our spiritual and moral lives are centered in Jesus Christ, rather than in Joseph Smith’s largely rewritten, materialistic, idealized, and controversial accounts of the church’s founding.  I hope that this study contributes in some way to that end.”  What Palmer doesn’t seem to understand is that the false Jesus of Mormonism has little in common with the Jesus of the Bible, and a false savior can bring no salvation no matter how much you honor him.

Also back in April 2014, I read an article by Matt Walsh which demonstrated that Jesus was not all about “just getting along.”  Mormon Coffee read that article also, and has directed it against Mormons with these questions:
“Does it offend you, Mormon friends, to be shown that you are following a false prophet? Does it upset you when we demonstrate that your church is not the kingdom of God on earth as it claims? Does it hurt your feelings when we point out that the Bible says all your so-called works of righteousness are but filthy rags before our holy God? Or when we warn you that the Christ of Mormonism is a “different Jesus”? Or when we proclaim that your only eternal hope is to trust in the true Christ, and to trust in Him alone? So be it. It may not sound especially nice, but we implore you on behalf of Christ: Be reconciled to God.”
They have links in that paragraph directing the reader to various articles backing up their statements.

Mormon leadership is beginning to crack me up.  They now have a new policy in how they will answer difficult questions - go ask God!  This is just pitiful.

A video posted at Mormon Coffee shows the very sad teachings of works-based salvation in the Mormon Church.

The Mormons are always making changes to their doctrines, and then they turn around and say we misrepresent them!  I want to know how they can change theirArticles of Faith” without consulting Joseph Smith!

If you really want to see how the LDS changes their teachings - or hides the older versions - take a look at this article about what Mormons believed in 1900 Utah.

An interesting article suggests that the core of the Mormon faith is actually the temple and the temple ceremonies.

Mormons claim to believe in the Bible, “as far as it is translated correctly.”  Of course this is a smokescreen, because their claims against it have been proven totally erroneous for decades — especially since discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which proved the accuracy of the transmission of the Old Testament.  Well, this is another one of those beliefs that they obfuscate about when asked.

For more understanding of Mormons, this will take 36 minutes of your time, but will give you a good insight as to how well the average Mormon doesn’t know their own belief system!  If they did, they’d have to leave their church!

Over the years I have stayed in various Marriott brand motels, and enjoy trading the ever present Book of Mormon in the rooms with one I have annotated.  Well, I’m not staying in their motels any more, unless that’s all I can find.  Unlike real Christians who avoid pandering to homosexuals, Marriott is pandering to them to enrich himself.  Of course the Mormon church won’t excommunicate the Marriotts because that would be a huge loss of money for them.

Aaaaannnndddd finally, did you know that it has been only fairly recently that people have claimed that the Mormon Church is not Christian?  Neither did I; having studied the LDS for 40 years now, I’d say they were pointed out as a false belief system from the start.  What’s funny is that the LDS didn’t used to want to be called Christian.

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