Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas and Mormons

What is the focus of Christmas?  The birth of Christ, of course.  Let’s not quibble about the fact that we don’t know what day Christ was really born or whether Christmas originated in pagan celebrations, etc.  We can choose any day we want to celebrate the fact that Christ was born.

Our celebration of Christ’s birth is based on what we find in Scripture in two places:  Matthew 1:18-2:12 and Luke1:26-2:20.  A very important part of the story is that Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, was a virgin when she conceived Him, and real Christians celebrate Christmas with that in mind.  It was not only a special child being born — it was also a miraculous conception behind it.

So how can Mormons celebrate Christmas with their Ideology that Mary had sex with God in order to provide the “tabernacle” for Jesus to inhabit? This was a big problem for me as a Mormon when I first learned of it.  The whole idea of Mary not being a virgin when Jesus was born didn’t make sense to me, but I was told that Jesus was a virgin to “mortal man” while “God” was an “immortal man.”  My response was that it didn’t matter who she had sex with, if she had sex to have a baby, then she wasn’t a virgin and the Bible would be lying!  And that is what started me on my studies of the LDS history which, after about 18 months, led me to denounce the Mormon faith.  What is amusing to me is how the LDS now tries to downplay this teaching, and I have even been told by LDS missionaries that the church didn’t teach it.

But has the Mormon church taught this? Well, the link in the previous paragraph will definitely confirm the truth of the matter.  However, so as to provide more evidence, Mormon Coffee posted an article last year demonstrating such teaching even in the 1972 edition of Family Home Evening manual.

Real Christians understand that on the day He was born, Jesus was God’s ultimate gift to the world, providing for our salvation from sin — eternal life.  He is “Immanuel - God is with us.”  Real Christians understand that Jesus is God in the flesh, a member of the Trinity, eternally existing.

But who is the Jesus of Mormonism?  He is just one of many spirit children of Heavenly Father, who volunteered to be our savior.  The only problem is, with LDS theology, is that Jesus had to first work out his own salvation!  The Mormon Jesus cannot save people from all sins, and even if they are sins for which they can receive salvation from, the Mormons have to add their own works on top of Jesus’ work of atonement.  So is the the Mormon Jesus and what he provides in the way of salvation really a gift?

Mormons want to make everyone believe that they are Christians, and they do everything possible to proselytize people into their false belief system.  Part of their methods include the use of social media for reaching those who are easily taken in by Christmas hymns and nativity scenes.  These become hooks to Mormon teachings, so be careful with what you post on social media because you just might be sending people to Mormonism.

While real Christians can celebrate the virgin birth of God incarnate, who brought us salvation and eternal life, Mormons can only celebrate the normal birth of a normal man conceived through sexual intercourse who ultimately has no salvation to offer.

My prayer is that many Mormons will come to know the true Jesus of the Bible by contemplating what Christians teach about what we celebrate on Christmas.  In this way perhaps they will truly listen to the real Word of the real eternal Christ.

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