Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mormonism’s Goddess Mother

Janis Hutchinson has an excellent, thorough examination of the doctrine of a mother goddess in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The teaching that their god has a wife goes way back to the beginning of Mormonism.  If you weren’t already familiar with this doctrine, Janis will leave you shaking your head at such bizarre teachings, which claim to be from a “Christian” church.

A quote from Janis to pique your interest:
There’s one fly in the ointment in believing that God and his wives produce “spirit” children who have no physical body yet. God issued a command at creation that each should produce after its own kind, e.g., a fish can only produce a fish, chickens only chickens, humans only humans. In other words, a donkey and an elephant cannot produce a “donkeyphant.” However, in Mormon theology God appears to violate this command. As a resurrected man of flesh and bones with wives of like makeup, how is it they can only produce “spirit” children having no flesh and bones as they do? I leave that one to the Mormon theologians to wrestle with.

This particular article is only part one, and here’s Janis’ summary:

• The Mormon God, a resurrected man from a previous world, is our present Heavenly Father. He, along with his many goddess wives, are producing the spirits of babies born on earth. They accomplish this production physically, in the same manner as husband and wives do here.

• Members will one day earn and achieve their own Godhood. Men will become Gods with a plurality of wives, and the women will be their Mother Goddess consorts and spend eternity giving birth to spirit children.

• LDS scholars and apologists use the idolatrous worship of Asherah to validate their belief in a Divine Mother.

• LDS understanding is that the true knowledge about God having a consort was originally given to Adam and was included in the first set of Moses’ stone tablets  (the higher law). But in the second set of tablet, when Israel sinned by worshipping the golden calf, it was purposefully omitted because of their unworthiness and only the Ten Commandments were given (the lesser law).

• Knowledge of God and his consort Asherah was known in the beginning and also secretly known in the inner ritualistic circles of Solomon’s temple, but then lost again. It was restored through Joseph Smith.

• The Bible’s failure to show Asherah as Jehovah’s true consort was due to a deliberate cover-up by Bible writers and copyists who falsely attributed God’s wife to Baal instead of Jehovah, in order to promote their monotheism.

• The church cannot officially repudiate the doctrine because it was officially declared by previous church presidencies and could also cause serious devastation with members who believe it.

Part two of Janis’ coverage is here.

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