Thursday, December 25, 2014

Deception in the Latter-day Saint Church

The foundation of the Mormon Church is the “First Vision” God gave to Joseph Smith.  Of course, as we have seen in previous articles, there are many versions of this “First Vision,” so one really has to doubt the honesty of Joseph Smith in relation to this “vision.

Problems with Smith’s honesty are found throughout the history of the Mormon Church from his starting of it until his death.  Mormon Coffee had a pretty good article examining Smith’s lack of honesty.

Yet the LDS continues in their attempts to prove Smith was a man of integrity — by leaving out important facts!  This only shows the deception of those defending Smith, which is what Mormon Coffee demonstrated in this article.

Joseph Smith was a dishonest man — period.  From this beginning, the whole history of the LDS is rife with dishonesty, especially when they are doing damage control for past false teachings.  If they don’t like a past teaching, they simply say, “That’s not official doctrine.” Well, with the LDS, determining what is official is like trying to make Jello stick to the wall.  It’s official sometimes, but then it isn’t, but then it is, but then it isn’t.

Let’s look at some more current examples of where the LDS church, and its members, practice gross deception.  We can first look at the lies told by members while giving tours.   (I’ve taken tours in Nauvoo and encountered similar examples.)

Glenn Beck was caught lying for the LDS church by perpetuating various myths as truth.  Perhaps he didn’t realize the mythological nature of his claims — I don’t think he really understands the Mormon church any better than he understood the Catholic Church.

I was unaware that the members of the LDS were denying their foundational teaching about eternal progression, in which those Mormons who reach exaltation will be gods of their own planets.  They claim that this is nothing more than folklore.  I think they are embarrassed about this teaching, because it is one of the many LDS doctrines which prove they are not Christian.

Lastly, I was pointed to a great link which has many, many examples of the deception in the Mormon Church, and how the leaders lie about — um — just about everything Mormon! It isn’t a quick read, but one I think it is a very necessary read!

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