Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Random Things About Mormonism

The Book of Mormon itself actually has some Trinitarian doctrine because it was written when Joseph Smith still held a fairly orthodox view of God.  But then the Trinity disappeared in all the Mormon doctrine.  What happened to the Trinity?
Mormon Coffee also has an excellent article about why the Mormons don’t believe in the Trinity.

Speaking of the Mormon view of God, this Mormon hymn starts with that, and then continues to address other doctrines real Christians hold.  Quite bizarre.

The Mormon church has long done their best to hide historical events, as well as doctrines, from  the rest of the world — let alone hiding them from their members.  Google has had a devastating effect on this practice because sites exposing them are all over the Internet.

Mormon Handbook has an interesting article examining whether Joseph Smith’s “First Vision” was actually plagiarized.

I stumbled across and interesting site which has one topic — the “Adam-God” doctrine.  Mormons really hate that doctrine and will fight tooth and nail to discredit it — in spite of the fact that Brigham Young claimed he got it from God.

Ever wonder how the Mormon church got to be so wealthy?  An article from 2012 explains a lot.

The Mormons place a lot of credence on “feelings.”  After all, they claim that you can know that the Book of Mormon is true when you pray about it and get that “burning in the bosom.”  One of the things we need to do when talking with Mormons is get them to see that feelings must be supported by evidence!  Jeremiah 17:9 reminds us that the heart (feelings) is deceitful.

When it comes to politics, Mormons have their own problems.   Harry Reid is not a worthy Mormon, according to an LDS bishop.  I happen to agree with him.  (Of course I also think any REAL Christian who supports the Democrat party is violating his Christian faith.)

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that the Mormon church has FINALLY confessed that Joseph Smith was a philandering polygamist.  It only took them 180 years of lying about it.  Oh, but they aren’t totally honest yet.  Smith was indeed a sexual predator.

The Mormon temple rituals are quite bizarre, and secret.  They currently deny that most of the rituals originated in Freemasonry, including the taking of blood oaths.  Someone posted on YouTube a video taken secretly in a temple. He has a YouTube channel with more videos in this regard.

To leave you with some amusement, look what happens when Joseph Smith is questioned about the Song of Solomon at the final judgment.

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