Thursday, December 11, 2014

Random Things About Mormonism

Most of what I am posting on this site is being transferred from my apologetics blog, and so most of my links will be to older articles.  However, the information in these articles is still valid, and well worth knowing. These “Random….” posts will always be a collection of links which were mostly posted on many my weekly “Random Aberrations, Apostasies, and Heresies” articles, because I want to get all my Mormon stuff on one site!  So here goes today’s collection.

Do you suppose that Joseph Smith was fooled by the devil?   I’d say he certainly was — which was how Mormonism was invented.

Joseph Smith claimed that the Book of Mormon was written in “Reformed Egyptian.”  Of course no one has ever discovered such a language, but that doesn’t matter to the Mormon church.  Facts are not to be considered when you want to uphold a false belief system.

Not too many people know this about Mormons, but newlyweds are “punished” by the LDS by not being allowed to have family attend temple weddings.  On top of that, if they have a civil wedding to allow family members to attend, then they are banished from their temple wedding for a year.  Since the LDS consider such weddings to be an important step in their salvation progression, denying the temple wedding for a year could seriously affect their eternal position if they die before they have the wedding!  Of course in the real Christian faith, that is all nonsense anyway.  Just another example of legalisms in cults.

I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but Mormonism is NOT true Christianity!  Mormonism worships another god and another Christ - not those of the Bible.  This is “True Mormonism.”   In fact, as I have pointed out in the past, the Mormon Church actually places Joseph Smith in a position so as to be virtually more important than Christ!

I find it interesting how the Mormons have to revise history to make it appear that Emma Smith, Joseph’s wife, was in a great relationship with her husband and even approved of polygamy.  Rather than confess that she left the church over such nonsense, and refused to go to Utah with Brigham Young, the LDS church makes it appear she remained in Illinois for family reasons.  Perhaps they should accept the facts.

There is an excellent graphic at Mormon Infographics demonstrating some of the conflicting accounts of Joseph Smith’s “First Vision” - the vision which is supposedly the foundation of the LDS faith.  I discovered this site last year, and find it to be an excellent resource on the Mormon Church.

Here’s an article demonstrating that science, philosophy and history all prove the LDS to be fraudulent.

A couple of interesting articles from a good site I discovered last year, Markcares’s Weblog.
The first is a good article demonstrating that Mormons do indeed teach works-salvation, no matter how much they claim otherwise.  The other one explains the LDS idea about the atonement of Christ vs the Biblical idea.  Short and sweet.

Some sad information comes from Elizabeth Smart’s statement against the teaching of abstinence - except in context she was talking about the Mormon version which teaches that, if for some reason a woman is not a virgin before marriage, then she is pretty much worthless, even if it was due to rape.  This is a horrible teaching of which I wasn’t aware, since I study mostly Mormon doctrine.  BUT, does it really surprise me that this would come from a system in which men can have many wives?

One of the things I was always sadly amused about with the Mormons is their virtual worship of Joseph Smith.  I have previously seen hymns giving praises to Smith, and now you can see some of them, as well as other hymns teaching heresy, as posted on the blog of Mormon Research Ministry.

I guess that’s enough for today.  Stay tuned for another collection next week.

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