Tuesday, December 23, 2014

More About Racism in the LDS Church

I have previously written an article about racism in the Mormon Church, and the truth of what they taught about blacks/Negros; however, I thought it would be even better to provide more information about this blight on Mormonism so that one could have good responses when confronted with a Mormon who wants to pretend their church doesn’t teach this.

Last year about this time the Mormon church was doing damage control in regards to their doctrine against blacks being in their priesthood, claiming that it was just Brigham Young’s ideas, as well as it just being cultural. They don’t want to admit that their belief system was racist from the beginning, and they don’t want to admit that this was embedded in Joseph Smith’s teaching about “Eternal Progression,” which claims the poor performance in the pre-existence led to having black skin now.  Mormonism Research Ministry’s blog had an excellent article exposing that claim.

Not being content with refuting the LDS claim, in February 2014 Mormon Coffee posted a two part article absolutely exposing Joseph Smith as the origin of racism in the LDS (found here and here).  They then followed up with an article about just how recent such racism was reinforced by the leadership.

Finally, one more article I’d like to direct you to:  The “curse of Cain” and how it played out in LDS doctrine, rather than just being “folklore” as claimed by Mormon apologists.

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