Monday, September 14, 2015

Random Articles from Mormonism Research Ministry

I’ve been sort of busy with so many other things these past few weeks (such as with my apologetics blog) that I’ve not had a chance to post articles here.  I have, however, been collecting links to good articles which expose the Mormon Church for the fraud that it is.

Now, I know anyone can to to Mormonism Research Ministry’s web site or their blog site and read search for various articles, but to save time I want to point out specific subjects of interest so as to get more people informed for countering the false teachings of the LDS.

A story I had never before heard or read is “The Transfiguration of Brigham Young.”  The myths that the LDS develop can be quite amusing.  But then, the whole church is built on myths and lies.

There is not one bit of evidence from history or archaeology to verify the authenticity of the Book of Mormon.  Nothing.  But facts have never stood in the way of Mormons.

More information about Joseph Smith’s use of a “seer stone.”  (Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry also has a short article on this topic.)

Mormons abuse the Bible (of course) to “prove” they are the one and only true Christian church.  A commenter on a blog I follow posted a list of items which if any other church fulfilled he would leave the LDS, but the list he gave was all done by abusing Scripture so as to fit only the LDS.  This article on Mormon Coffee has a similar list, which the blog addresses as to why they are abusing the Bible.

One of the earlier articles I wrote for this blog was “The Non-Virgin Virgin Mary of Mormonism.”  This article pretty much summed up all the teachings from various Mormon leaders about how Mary had sexual intercourse with “God the Father” in order to provide normal conception for Jesus.  Mormon Coffee posted a short article about the same topic, ending with a link to the same article I used as my reference.

One of the things I’ve pointed out in LDS teaching is their need to be humble for salvation, and yet the humility they are required to demonstrate is something really unattainable.  Just when are they “sufficiently humble”?

Mormons will always press you to read the Book of Mormon and the pray about it to receive a testimony as to its veracity.  If you don’t come to the right conclusion, it is because of YOUR lack of faith, YOUR lack of sincerity, etc.  It is NEVER, according to the Mormons, due to the fraudulent nature of the BOM.  Excellent article about this issue can be found here.