Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Random Things About Mormonism

This installment is all about videos you can view.

For those of us who have worked with Mormons, one thing we often get as a response from them, when questioning them about teachings, is the claim that what we say is “not official doctrine.”  So if I question about the teaching which says their god-man had sex with Mary to conceive Jesus, I’m told that is “not official doctrine.”  That sort of thing.  Well, Keith Walker has a great video on the subject about what is “not official doctrine.”  It perfectly demonstrates the frustration experienced when dealing with Mormon dishonesty.

The truth about how the Mormon church has always been racist, contrary to what they now claim.   (YouTube has this video on “safety mode,” which you have to turn off; I wonder if this was due to Mormon complaints.)

What about that “First Vision” Joseph Smith claimed for the origin of his church?

What happens when a 21st century Mormon talks to a 19th century Mormon about polygamy?

Let’s listen in on the same two fellows talking about the Missouri prophecies.

Finally, who is really praised in a Mormon church - Jesus Christ or Joseph Smith?

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