Monday, November 17, 2014

Did They Really Say Than?!?

“I understand the law of celestial marriage to mean that every man in this Church, who has the ability to obey and practice it in righteousness and will not, shall be damned, I say I understand it to mean this and nothing less, and I testify in the name of Jesus that it does mean that.”

Joseph F. Smith, Salt Lake City, July 7, 1878, Journal of Discourses 20:37; 

Well, we’ve already seen what God thinks about polygamy, in regards to marriage.  God never says that He will damn those who don’t practice polygamy!

What I want to know is this:  Since the Mormons still have D&C 132 as part of their Scripture, and no revelation has ever revoked it, shouldn’t Mormons all be polygamous to avoid damnation?  After all, Joseph F. Smith was the 6th President of the LDS, which means he was also a prophet of God.   Why do the Mormons disregard his warnings?!?!

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