Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Random Things About Mormonism

Well, the big news now is a statement by the Mormon Church about rights for “gays.”  They are willing to compromise, yet those who practice homosexuality have already turned down such a compromise.  The real problem here is that the Mormons pretend that “gays” don’t already have the exact same rights as everyone else, and what they really want — and are getting — are special rights base on their sexual behavior!  So, my big question is this: Why aren’t Mormons taking God’s side on this issue?

Another bit of news is a new Mormon Temple in Indiana.  It’s not so much what the Mormons are telling the public, rather it is — as usual — what they aren’t telling the public.

Mormon teaching on abortion is quite convoluted.  So why is abortion a sin?

Janis Hutchinson has done an excellent study on the bizarre Mormon “Law of Adoption.”  It’s quite a long paper, but she does give you an alternative to select a “condensed version.

Moving along with some current Mormon news, it looks like some “doctrine” is being removed from the Doctrine & Covenants

Christians Apologetics & Research Ministry has some “Interesting Quotes from Brigham Young.”  There are so many examples of unbiblical nonsense!

CARM also has a list of very interesting “Questions for Mormons” which I’d like Mormons to answer!

Kent Ponder takes an in-depth look of the Jaredite ships described in the book of Ether in the Book of Mormon.  After explaining what the text says, Ponder has 40 thought-provoking questions which should make any Mormon take notice of problems with this story.

The last two items, by James White, come from Alpha & Omega Ministries.

First, we have some quotations from Mormon leaders telling us what they think of the Christian faith - i.e., the true Christian faith vs. Mormonism.  They are not very nice.

Second, White gives a timeline of The Evolution of Mormon Theology.  Most Mormons have no idea about this true history of their teachings.

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