Saturday, January 10, 2015

Random Things About Mormonism

For those who study Mormonism, the Book of Abraham should be familiar to you.  For those who don’t study Mormonism, it will be new to you.  The BOA was supposedly translated by Joseph Smith from an Egyptian funeral document that came into his hands.  Of course the man couldn’t read Egyptian, but no one questioned him because he said his “gift” of translation was from God.  Since the original parchment was found back in 1966, the Mormons have come up with lots of excuses as to why the document doesn’t read as Smith claimed.   This video will take almost 57 minutes to watch, but it will give you the truth about the Mormon scripture, “The Book of Abraham.”  Short answer - it’s a fraud.

They LDS have recently come up with another defense of the Book of Abraham - a defense that doesn’t hold water.  Let’s look now at Mormon Coffee’s article about this “Mormon Conundrum.” 

Mormon Coffee, the blog of Mormonism Research Ministry, is one of the best blogs for solid information about the LDS faith.  I have collected a whole passel of links to some excellent articles, and today’s post will point you to many of them. 

One of the doctrines Mormons try to pretend never happened is Brigham Young’s teaching — which he claimed to get from God — about Adam being God.  They discount that Young was speaking as a prophet of God, and nowadays try to say he was just expressing a personal belief.  Well, the history proves the LDS to be - as usual - liars.

Here’s a good article about “Citizen Smith” and his nomination for the Presidency of the U.S., as well as his ordination to “King.”  Just another of those incidents most Mormons have no knowledge about.

Ever wonder about the so-called golden plates from which Joseph Smith “translated” the Book of Mormon?  Some interesting things to think about.

An interesting article showing a likely place where Joseph Smith found all the names he used in the Book of Mormon.

In their continuous attempts to make nailing down “official doctrine” very difficult, the LDS-owned Deseret Book store has posted a disclaimer in a book about President Thomas S. Monson’s teachings!   I’d like to see a Mormon explain how their President/Prophet can teach something that doesn’t represent the Mormon church!

What is the “official” teaching of the Mormon Church when it comes to their “gospel?

Just how complicated of a religious system is Mormonism?  Would it be this way if it was true?

Is the “Heavenly Mother” of Mormonism part of their godhead?  “How many divine beings are there in the Mormon Godhead?

I guess that’s enough for today.  I hope you have found all these articles to be helpful in understanding more about the non-Christian beliefs of the Mormon religion.

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