Thursday, January 1, 2015

Random Things About Mormonism

Mormonism Research Ministry’s blog Mormon Coffee always has some interesting tidbits about the Mormon Church’s false teachings.  This article explains their convoluted teaching about God the Father.

An excellent resource is available for those reaching out to Mormons: A Timeline of Joseph Smith’s First Vision.  Some good information demonstrating the many versions which contradict each other, and when they came about.

Something I’ve know for a long time, since I study Mormonism more than any other false teaching, is the fact that Mormons as a whole are under more stress than the average population.  With their constant striving for perfection, and worrying about whether they’ve done enough to earn salvation, it is no real wonder why they are so stressed out!  I’ve previously read that Utah has the highest rate of depression in the U.S.A.

When it comes to dealing with Mormons, Christians are too easily turned into pretzels because they can’t even defend their own beliefs.  I watched this video of someone role-playing a Mormon to unsuspecting Christians.  It was quite frustrating for me to listen to these students “go down in flames” trying to respond.  It is a good lesson about being prepared.

What do the Mormons really teach about the Bible; do they truly accept it as the Word of God?

Looking through some older magazines, I came across this outstanding article about Mormon polygamy.  The problems with such a marital construct proves that God would not condone it, let alone command it!

I just love it when someone points out another problem with Joseph Smith’s theology.

The LDS Church thinks they have the copyright on the word “Mormon” as a trademark — and actually battled against someone using that word on a dating site!  Will they go after my blog?

If you are not familiar with the original “9/11” massacre in 1857 when Mormons wiped out a wagon train which “violated” their territory, take a look at this Mormon Coffee article discussing a ballad which was written about it.  Mormons continue to claim that it was rogue members with no authorization from LDS leaders, but the evidence is pretty conclusive that Brigham Young was responsible; John D. Lee (leader of the attack) states as much in his book, “Mormonism Unveiled”.  For those of my readers who have an interest, I can suggest the following titles:
American Massacre, by Sally Denton
The Mountain Meadows Massacre, by Juanita Brooks
White Flag: America’s First 9/11, by Wayne Atilio Capurro
Blood of the Prophets: Brigham Young and the Massacre at Mountain Meadows, by Will Bagley

Lastly, I have a question for Mormons.  According to the doctrine of “Eternal Progression,” God (“Heavenly Father”) is the father of the spirits of everyone who ever lived on earth.  He is their father in the “normal” way, having produced such spirits with his wife (or wives).  Now, since God is the father of all the spirits, who then come to earth in bodies to work their way to godhood, why do they have to be adopted as children of God? (Galatians 4:5, et al)  A parent never has to adopt their own child - it wouldn’t make sense!

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