Friday, January 31, 2020


As I do on my main apologetics blog, I like to post a collection of links to articles which my readers should find of interest. When it comes to Mormonism, I can’t help but link to articles on an excellent site which exposes the false teachings of that belief system. I usually have links to other sites also, so this won’t be totally a promotion of Life After Ministry — but very close! So let’s get started.

Would you like a crash course on Mormonism in order to converse with the “missionary” at your door?

Mormonism is rife with contractions in their teachings, and they know it but don’t want to acknowledge it. They often will hide these past contradictions, especially to their young people.  They often defy the rest of humanity as they contradict themselves. I could give evidence after evidence showing LDS contradictions, but let’s just look at this last one, concerning the term “only begotten.” 

The LDS history is also rife with false prophecies; here’s one I hadn’t previously heard of.

Mormons always claim they don’t attack Christians and therefore we shouldn’t “attack” (i.e. expose) them. Those who have read this blog know that I have listed many times and places where Mormons denigrate Christianity and really attack it.  I found this older article which gives more great examples refuting this lie of Mormonism.

If the Mormons ever studied archaeology they would learn that the whole origin of their religion, and the claims of the Book of Mormon, just don’t have anything about them which is part of reality.

More evidence proving Joseph Smith’s “first vision” was totally fabricated.

The truth about Joseph Smith’s “martyrdom” is that he died in a gun battle, not as a martyr.

Another anachronism proving the lie of Mormonism.

About those witnesses to the Book of Mormon—their “evidence" couldn’t even stand up in court.

It still all comes down to sex for salvation.

Did you know that God was wrong to give Adam just one wife? Well according to Mormonism, monogamy degenerates humanity.  Actually, many studies have shown that polygamy degenerates humanity.  Just look at how it degrades women!

Well, now we’ll end this edition with two items currently in the news: 

The LDS is trying to re-invent their racist past but a printing error brings it out! I guess the Book of Mormon is now wrong and that the racial curse is just a theory.

Brigham Young University is now allowing same-sex couples to participate in a ballroom dance competition. This is giving tacit approval to homosexual relationships, contrary to God’s commands against homosexuality.

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Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Without going deep into research I find immediate problems.
we learn of a shimmering gold and copper alloy called tumbaga by the Spanish that has existed from pre-Columbian times—the same composition described by Joseph’s brother, William—bringing in the plates at a nice “heftable” weight of 40–60 lbs.

It’s easy to borrow a Spanish name for something regardless of the fact that Joseph Smith said the plates were made of gold, which would be much too heavy for him to run around with. He called it “gold,” not a gold alloy. Smith would have known about plates in other countries if he was a reader (and there is plenty of proof that he was an avid reader.). So to claim that similar plates bearing writing is evidence that the plates of the BOM existed is senseless.

As for the altar, the video says it was noted on a map in the 18th century, meaning it is quite possible that Smith had read about it some place.

The Romans were using cement in their empire-building. Smith certain could have read about that.

Taking the name Malkiyahu to mean the same as “Mulek” is not provable, just asserted.

Would Joe Smith have know that barley wasn’t in the Americas during the time period he claims in his BOM? Probably not. There are a lot of anachronistic things in the BOM.

Since you are anonymous, you don't get the second comment posted. I have proven in many articles on this site that the Book of Mormon is a fraud, as well as a large percentage of it being nothing but plagiarizing the KJV Bible. So many changes and corrections to it have been made over the years without a text to compare with. Smith was a false prophet and on this site alone I have given evidence of over 50 false prophecies.