Wednesday, January 16, 2019

You've Got to be Kidding Me!

Adam learned that the Savior’s name would be Jesus Christ (see Moses 6:51-52).

Gospel Principles, pg.51 (LDS publication)

First, the Christian Savior’s name is actually Joshua.  The N.T., which was written in Greek, translated the Hebrew Joshua (and that is and English transliteration of Y’shua). What language was Moses written it? How did it end up with the Greek “Jesus”?

Second, “Christ” is not part of Jesus’ name.  “Christ” is the Greek for the Hebrew “Messiah,” and is the title of Jesus’ position, the “anointed one.”

Third, the Bible never gives any evidence that Adam was told what Jesus’ name would be, only that the Savior would “crush” Satan’s “head” (Gen.3:15).

Moses is a book made up entirely out of Joseph Smith’s imagination, with some plagiarizing from the KJV Bible, which is why this statement cited above is a lie.

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