Friday, January 11, 2019

Did They Really Say That?!?!

There is a little matter I want to speak upon to you, my sisters. It is a subject that is very obnoxious to outsiders. … “Oh.” Says one, “I know what you mean, my husband has two, four, or half a dozen wives.” … This doctrine so hateful and annoying to the feelings of many, was revealed from heaven to Joseph Smith, and obedience is required to it by the Latter-day Saints, — this very principle will work out the moral salvation of the world. Do you believe it? It makes no difference whether you do or not, it is true. [my emphasis-GC]

Brigham Young, Salt Lake City, August 9, 1868. Journal of Discourses 12:261

Firstly, as I demonstrate in my article, God’s View of Polygamy, God would NEVER require the institution of marriage to be corrupted in this manner. So there is no way God would reveal this to Joseph Smith, making this just another one of the thousands of lies told by LDS prophets and teachers over the decades since 1830.

Secondly, how would immoral behavior “work out the moral salvation of the world”?!?  Anyone studying polygamy would see the horrendous treatment of women in such arrangements.  

Thirdly, using Smith as an example, many of his “wives” were already married to someone else, so what Smith was practicing was serial adultery, and he lied about a revelation so as to defend his sexual predation.

Young’s last statement is about as absurd as it gets. It DOES matter whether one wants to believe a lie—it matters as to whether one wants to allow himself to be deceived.  This lie of Young’s (and Smith’s) was for one reason only, and that was so that these men could satisfy their sexual lusts.

Smith’s lie about polygamy, and Young’s promotion of it with more lies, came straight from Satan and not from God.

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