Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Reason for the Name of This Blog

The term “anti-Mormon” is herein used to describe any person or organization that is directly or actively opposed The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint, its doctrines, policies and programs. It is not, as critics sometimes mischievously try to claim, a catchall term for anyone who does not accept or believe in the Church, but is applied only to those who actively campaign against it. As an adjective, it applies to those specific activities that may with reasonable accuracy be described as attacks upon the Church . . . So we return to the question with which we began this survey: are anti-Mormons Christian? The answer: of course not. They were never even in the hunt. Their clerical collars and pious platitudes are simply a smokescreen to hide the ugly reality that anti-Mormonism is one of the clear manifestations of the darkest side of human nature; the side that made possible the death camps and burning crosses, the massacre of the Hutus and the wholesale slaughter of the Native Americans. Just as vicious and repressive dictatorships like to give themselves grandiose and liberal-sounding titles like “The People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of Such-and-such,” so these nasty religious haters appropriate the label of “Christian” in order to claim for themselves a specious respectability that their deeds and attitudes do not merit.

Found on a Mormon apologetics website, cited by Eric Johnson in the article, “A Major Victory for Satan” Nicknames Pronounced Blasphemous by President Nelson, The Salt Lake City Messenger, November 2018, pg.9

Don’t ever let a Mormon tell you that they don’t attack Christians; this is one very nasty attack!

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