Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A Collection of Links to Articles Every Mormon Should Read

There are some sites which I regularly follow, and which have excellent articles exposing the fraudulent nature of the Mormon Church.  Some articles are more in-depth than others, but all of them demonstrate conclusively that the Mormon Church worships a different God and Christ than the God and Christ of the Bible, and they preach what Paul called “another Gospel”
(Galatians 1:6) — gospel which offers no salvation.  A false God, a false Christ, and a false Gospel all add up to an eternity separated from God.  

I feel these articles should be published as often as possible to give then the widest distribution for two reasons: 1) to show Mormons that their church is false and perhaps they will decide to leave it, and 2) to show everyone else the fraudulent nature of the cult of the LDS so that they will never consider joining them.  So educate yourself with these great articles.

An excellent comparison between the Mormon “Jesus” and the Jesus of the Bible.

The Book of Abraham and the discovery and naming of Egypt.  It’s not what the LDS claims.

An index for “Mormonism 101” articles exposing Mormonism for the fraud it is.

Why was Joseph Smith really murdered?

So if Mormon leaders have abused you, it is YOU who need to repent?!?!?

The New Mormon Church History: Reviewed (Excerpts). The Mormons will never tell the truth about their history.

A big part of the origins of the Mormon church was their focus on sex. Joseph Smith had a “revelation” from “God” to legitimize adultery as “polygamy” because he was having too many relations. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Mormon men took multiple wives, with some of them stealing young women from the men to whom they were engaged. Their focus on sex is demonstrated nowadays by their sexual questioning of young people in various interviews.  Take a look at these questions and then tell me that Mormons aren’t titillating themselves with the answer they get!

The deception of the LDS knows no bounds — they intentionally hide their racism from those they hope to proselytize.

Question: "What does the Bible mean by 'you are gods' / 'ye are gods' in Psalm 82:6 and John 10:34?”  It certainly doesn’t mean you can become a god yourself!

Summary of October 2018 talk at General Conference. Some really bad and unbiblical teachings!

The lies about the name the Lord chose for the Mormon Church, and the current hubbub to drop all reference to the nicknames “Mormon” or “Mormonism.” It appears to me that the original name of the Latter-day Saints was just the “Church of Christ” in D&C 20 and 21, e.g. It was also known as the “Church of Latter-day Saints.” Seems odd that God waited 8 years (from the 1830 founding until D&C 115 on 4/26/38) to give an official name.  And the Mormons proudly accepted the nickname without any rebuke from God for many scores of years!

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