Sunday, September 2, 2018

A Few Ludicrous Mormon Teachings

The Mormons can get so ludicrous that it is difficult to keep up with their bizarre, unbiblical teachings.  For example, according them Adam had the 10 Commandments!  Since the 10C were for the nation of Israel, which didn’t exist for a very, very long time after Adam died, I would say that the Mormons just tell another lie.

Of course they worship a god who can be dethroned! Personally, I want to worship a God who is a greater being than I!

The laws of Mormonism necessary for salvation are virtually endless. How can any Mormon actually believe they are saved, since it would be impossible to follow all these rules?

But the Mormons say Jesus will become a god, but Christianity teaches that Jesus IS God. If Jesus isn’t God, then how can he save us from our sins?

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