Friday, August 31, 2018

Telling the Truth Can Get You Excommunicated

The Mormons have historically excoriated any Mormon historian who exposed the evil and the lies of Mormon past. If I recall correctly, they’ve even excommunicated some for speaking the truth about the past. In fact, the leadership has stated that historians “should tell only that part of the truth that is inspiring and uplifting.”

I recently reported on a case where a Mormon has exposed how Mormon leaderships’ private sexual interviews have led to sexual abuse, including actual abuse and covert abuse (emotional sexual abuse).  This man, Sam Young (an ex-LDS Bishop) is acting as an historian in that he is exposing the history of these sexual abuses and demanding changes.  In fact, Mr. Young has a site dedicated to his cause, which posts stories from the victims; such stories make one’s heart ache for these children.

Well, I guess Mr. Young didn’t read the rule about not telling truth that isn’t “inspiring and uplifting,” because now he has been summoned for a disciplinary hearing and faces excommunication.

Remember, the LDS lied about practicing polygamy and other sexual immorality while in Nauvoo, and when William Law exposed the truth his printing presses and newspaper were destroyed. They do NOT like their secrets exposed.

All I can say is that a TRUE Church of Christ wouldn’t have a problem with truth.

UPDATE 9/1/18:  Another interesting article from Utah Channel 3.

UPDATE 9/3/18:  Mr. Young's response to the summons.

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