Thursday, May 10, 2018

Articles Which Prove the False Nature of the LDS Theology

A couple months ago I came across an interesting blog by ex-Mormons, with fairly short articles examining various issues which are problematic for the LDS. The blog is called, Life After Ministry. I highly recommend you subscribe to it if you are looking for information exposing the lie of Mormonism. After all, I can’t cover everything!  Most of the links I’m posting this time are from this site.

The LDS and tithing — as with everything else they teach, there is nothing biblical about it.

Tithing seems to be virtually worshipped in the Mormon church, as well as being necessary for salvation.

The Mormons say THEIR god is the only one who hears prayers, calling the Christian God  a “nothing” god. This gives me a chuckle because it is the LDS god which is the imaginary one made up by Joseph Smith.

A great chart showing Book of Mormon uses of Greek and Latin words which didn’t exist at the time, proving of course that the BOM is a fraud.

When it comes to racism, the LDS lies about its past, deflects the truth.

How Mormons bend to the culture.  And I thought the design of the temple garments were given by God!

Have you heard Mormons say they never speak against Christians?  Well, here is an example of that being a lie.  You might also take a look at an article I wrote concerning what Mormons think about Christians

Mormons are becoming more supportive of same-sex fake marriage.  But when you worship a god-man on another planet, I guess there’s no reason to have God’s view of homosexuality.

Mormons and the Trinity.  They continue to misrepresent true Christian teachings.

Church of Jesus Christ of Rigdonite, one of the many Mormon off-shoots.

If you are a Mormon, I hope these articles will make you question what you believe.  If you are not a Mormon, I hope these articles alert you to what a fraud that church is!

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