Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Do Mormons Believe in the Biblical Jesus?

I’ve previously addressed in other articles the issue of who the Mormon Jesus is versus the Jesus of the Bible, and why they are not the same person.  All you have to do is look at the column on the right side of this blog and select the label “Jesus Christ” and you will come to articles which examine the issue.

I’ve come across another article which is another examination of the Mormon claim to worship the same Jesus.   The crux is a closing statement:

There might be some similarities that we have about Jesus' earthly existence, but when it comes to the nature of Christ, who He was, that Father, Son, Holy Spirit together are the one God who have existed eternally as God, that's where we have a clear difference from the Mormon Jesus. The Mormon Jesus is a created being from the Heavenly Father. In fact, the Heavenly Father is also a created being from his Heavenly Father. So, not only do you have a different Jesus, you have a different Heavenly Father and a different Holy Spirit. 

No, Mormons do NOT believe in the Jesus of the Bible.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...


There is only one REAL Jesus of the Bible, and the LDS do not worship Him. Joseph Smith invented a totally different Jesus. All your questions are answered in the various posts I have about the differences. But you'd have to take time to read the articles to understand. Here's a link which goes to every article which discusses the issue.

The Jesus of the Bible is eternally God, and is God the Father, while the LDS have procreated gods and their Jesus is procreated. Just that one distinction is enough to prove that the LDS are idolaters, worshipping a god and jesus they invented.

As for the Trinity, even Joseph Smith originally taught a fairly orthodox view, as I demonstrate here:
The Trinity is ONE God in three persons, not three separate gods or beings. I have proven the truth of this doctrine from Scripture here:

All the ruins in South American are from peoples who arrived LONG after the BOM claims and have nothing to do with BOM stories. ALL scholars (except the deceive LDS types, and even then most LDS scholars also have a problem with this) point out the historical inaccuracies of the BOM and the LDS claims about the inhabitants of South and Central America. You need to study real history and not the stuff the LDS puts out trying to brainwash people into thinking they have the truth.

Every solid historian KNOWS there were people who were in the Americas prior to the Europeans -- Their origins come from Asia as the DNA demonstrates. The standard hypothesis is that the majority came via the Bearing straits or via boats from the Pacific. The LDS claims they were Jews, but that has been so roundly and soundly disproven by DNA studies alone that the LDS church has had to rewrite the BOM introduction.

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Glenn E. Chatfield said...

This comment was accidentally deleted due to so many comments from this one poster! I had posted it originally, which is why I have the answer above. Here is the comment:

Heavens Morsels for Hungry Souls has left a new comment on your post "Do Mormons Believe in the Biblical Jesus?":

There is only one Jesus Christ, and the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints most certainly believe in Him. Saying that ‘the Mormons don’t believe in Jesus’ is akin to saying ‘the Mormons don’t believe in God’. Jesus taught that He was the Son of God. How can you have a son without a father? If we call God our Father, then likewise we are his sons & daughters. And the Mormons believe in three distinct personages in the Godhood…the Father, the Son & the Holy Ghost. They are not all wrapped up in one, but are three separate entities. Are your father, your wife, and your son all wrapped up in one body? The Mormons don’t distort the truth, they only add to it and amplify it. I challenge anyone of you to explain how the native people of the Americas got here or why we have ruins in Mexico (Aztecs), South America (Incas) and here in the U.S. if the first people to come to this country came from Europe when America was discovered. The Mormons have the answer. Is there anyone else who claims to have an explanation for that? Christopher Aaron