Monday, May 11, 2015

Round Up of Recent “Mormon Coffee” Articles

Yes, it is time for another episode of reporting on the best of the most recent Mormon Coffee articles.

Is it wrong to say Mormons believe in a “different Jesus”?  No.  And their leaders have stated as much!

Following up on that one, here is an article about that “different Jesus.”

A very interesting bit of Mormon family history.

A report on a visit to Nauvoo.  I’ve been to Nauvoo several times, but it’s been a few years since my last visit.  The information I learned during my visits wasn’t as honest as this report reflects, so I’m guessing the tour guides are being affected by the fact of truth about Mormons found all over the Internet.

Mormons may not worship Joseph Smith, but which Mormon god they worship really isn’t clear.

First Presidency and Mormon racism—some contradictions.

A Mormon Sunday school teacher explained to his class the history of Mormon racism against blacks.  He was later contacted by his bishop and counseled that he was never again to teach the history of blacks and the LDS prior to 1973.  What makes this more interesting is that he used official church document for his lesson!  Mormons are embarrassed about their racist history and want to pretend it never happened.  They have told many lies to cover up facts about it.

The Mormon claims about their temples copying Solomon’s temple have surely been proven to be fabrications.

This last one isn’t from Mormon Coffee, rather it is from Janis Hutchinson, a former Mormon who is an excellent researcher on Mormonism.  This essay asks the question about what the Book of Mormon witnesses really saw.

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