Sunday, October 19, 2014

The "First Vision"

The LDS (or “Mormon”) faith has its foundation on a claim by Joseph Smith that he had a vision from God wherein God stated all existing Christian churches, as well as all historical creeds, were corrupt and an abomination to him. He then told Joseph that he would be the prophet of the restored church. This is known as “The First Vision.” In his vision, Joseph saw God the Father and Jesus together with angels. But how does this compare with the Bible’s teachings?

The Bible says that no one can see God the Father and live to tell about it! (Exodus 33:20. See also John 1:18 and 1 Timothy 6:16) God is a Spirit and invisible (John 4:24; 1 Timothy 1:17). So we can immediately see that this vision was false.

Researchers have found many versions of this “First Vision” in early Mormon writings, including writings by Smith himself, long before the established official version. In these other versions there are differences in how many people appeared as well as who appeared, and in what they said, etc. It is doubtful that Smith had a vision at all, rather it was something he made up many years later to establish his position as prophet.

However, if Smith did indeed have a vision, we know from its content that it could not have been from God. As 2 Corinthians 11:14-15 tells us, Satan can appear as an angel of God to deceive us. And in Matthew 24:5 Jesus tells us that many will claim to be Christ.


Joe said...

I do not know how any rationally thinking person could accept Mormonism. That's one reason I mistrust Glenn Beck. He might be politically conservative, but "religiously" he is off the wall.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Well, rationally thinking people get caught up in all sorts of false teachings. That's how cults grow. That's how the Roman Catholic Church grows!

I think I'm a pretty rationally thinking person, and yet I was suckered into Mormonism: