Thursday, April 4, 2019


This blog will be on hiatus for a while.  Meanwhile, this post can be used as a “reference library” with links to LDS material as well as to ministries and articles which you should find useful in your research about the cult of Mormonism 

LDS sites and pro-LDS sites

Ministries Exposing Mormonism (As Their Mission)

Utah Lighthouse Ministry (this ministry has hundreds of good articles, but these are the only ones I've kept direct links to -- just search their site)

Mormonism Research Ministry (this site also has hundreds of articles; these are links to topics I've used before and so kept the links)
Main page Historical issues

Other Ministries with Anti-Mormon Mission
Mormon Think

The Mormon Handbook

Mormon Infographics

Mormonism for Dummies

Mormonite Musings

Answering Mormons blog

Janis Hutchinson

Life After Ministry. This was a new one for me within the past year, so I don’t have links saved to individual articles, but this site has a wealth of information exposing Mormonism.

The Ensign and other Mormon teachings vs. The Bible

Other Blogs

Articles by various ministries (which aren’t anti-Mormon ministries)


Apprising Ministries


RLDS/Community of Christ


Anonymous said...

LOL! Another anti-LDS blog bites the dust. Hopefully this one gets lost in the search engines.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

LOL!! You obviously have a problem with reading comprehension. I said "hiatus" -- not terminated.

I haven't "bit the dust," rather I have a lot of other engagements and things interfering with research time, etc.

Why don't you try to demonstrate where anything I write about the LDS is in error. Or are you just a Mormon troll?