Monday, March 11, 2019

Did They Really Say That?!?

It is written of the Savior that he descended below all things. If he did, he descended in capacity. I will merely tell you what I believe on this point. I believe that there never was a child born on this earth with any less capacity than dwelt in the child that was born in a manger of his mother Mary. I believe, according to the natural ability which he received from his mother and from his supposed father Joseph, that there never was a child that descended lower in capacity, or that knew less.

Brigham Young, Great Salt Lake City, October 9, 1859, Journal of Discourses 7:286.

The Bible never said Jesus “descended below all things.”  Never. The Jesus of the Bible is God in the flesh from the time of birth. Therefore, as he acquired cognizance as he aged he would know more and more automatically. He was never limited in his knowledge and could not have know less than any other child.  This Jesus of Mormonism is more man than he is God, while the Jesus of the Bible if fully God and fully man.

What a weak Jesus the Mormons have!

H/T: Michelle

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