Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mormonism Is Still Heretical!

Thus we see that the LDS Church still teaches the following:

1. God has not always been God, but achieved this position after years of self-effort.

2.  Heavenly Father and his wife, Heavenly Mother, were once mortals on another world, ruled by yet a different “god.”

3.  Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother are resurrected mortals who have achieved godhood.

4.  The goal of the LDS couple is to achieve godhood and become a Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother to their posterity.

5.  God, men and angels are the same species, just in different levels of achievement.

In other words, Mormonism is still a heretical offshoot of Christianity.

Cited from the article, “Is There a Mother God?” in the Salt Lake City Messenger, May 2016, Issue 126, pg.14

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