Saturday, October 29, 2016

Mormon and “Gay”?!?

The Mormon Church has now said you can be both a Mormon and “gay.”  Looks to me like they are slowly capitulating, but I hope they won’t.

I think I understand that they are saying you can be struggling with homosexual attraction and still be a Mormon.  Well, that is also true for Christians; we all struggle with sin and attractions to sinful activities.

The issue really is that there is no such thing as a “gay” (or “homosexual”) person.  Regardless of whether those who practice homosexual behavior want to make that their identity, it isn’t their identity.  Never does our sexual activity become our identity, and one of the major coups of the homosexual agenda was to change the adverb/adjective “homosexual” into a noun.

The problem is that those who call themselves “gay” or “homosexual” are normally practicing homosexual behavior and are unrepentant about it.  I would think, based on Mormon teachings, that one could no more be a Mormon and continue in the homosexual lifestyle than one could be a Christian and do so.

Whether or not same-sex “attractions” are a choice is irrelevant to the issue — the sexual behavior is always a choice.  Most men are attracted to attractive women, but that doesn’t mean it is okay for them to have sex with someone to whom they are not married.

I’m glad to see that Mormons don’t even recognize “transgenders,” since that is a made-up idea for non-existent people.  “Transgender” is a term used to justify another type of sexual deviancy, and has come to be a noun.   Why should the LDS propagate this lie?

The really sad thing is that these people want to stay with the LDS, where there is no Holy Spirit to help them overcome their sin of homosexuality, let alone provide salvation from their sins.  They need to seek the true God and true Christ of the Bible so as to be saved from their sins, and THEN the Holy Spirit will help them.  If they continue as Mormons, they will die in their sin and be eternally damned.

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