Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Random Articles About the LDS

I have just finished a post on “A Reference Blog,” which is a blog I started to be able to have links collected for various topics.  This new post is Links for Latter-day Saints Research.  I’ve been collecting these links over the years because they have been great for use in discussions where I can send people directly to them, and some are good for routine research (Utah Lighthouse Ministry is the best site in my opinion for researching Mormonism).  At any rate, any future links I find for which I’m not actually writing an article about will be posted on this reference post.  For those investigating Mormonism, start here and save yourself some Google search.

Okay, now for links I’ve already collected for THIS post:

Janis Hutchinson has posted part three of the series about the LDS practice of baptizing for the dead.

Should I pray about the Book of Mormon?  Short answer — NO!  That would be like praying if you should commit adultery.

The Utah Lighthouse Ministry has an on-line book available: “Mormon Claims Answered,” by Marvin W. Cowan.  Great information.

Mormonism Research Ministry has several videos available for free viewing on-line.  I own all but one of these and can vouch for the accuracy of the information provided, as well as recommending them for viewing by Mormons as well as by those who want to learn more about proving that Mormonism is a false belief system.

Lutheran Satire has some good videos questioning the LDS faith:
Mormonism and Islam compared.
Confronting Mormon missionaries.
Convincing Mormons in 40 seconds that they are bound for hell.

Enjoy the videos as you learn the truth about Mormonism.

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